Calculating Online Sicbo Betting Winning

Calculating Online Sicbo Betting Winning

Playing online casino gambling has now become commonplace for the general public. In addition to making it an option to earn additional income, people in Indonesia also make online casino gambling bets to find entertainment. And one of the online casino gambling games that the bettor often plays here is Sicbo.

Sicbo is the only game available on the ion casino gambling agent website, whose playing media uses dice. The number of dice used in this Casino gambling is 3. In the way of online Sicbo gambling, players are required to guess the number of circles seen from the three sides of the dice that have previously been shuffled by the game dealer.

Online Sicbo Betting Market Types

There are 6 types of betting markets that can be played in online dice gambling. The first is the basic bet type or better known as the single number bet. The player will choose between the numbers 1 to 6 in the single numbers game rules. For the parable, Budi chooses the number 4 when making a single number online Sicbo gambling bet. Then Budi will win if a number 4 appears from one of the dice.

The second is the two-number Sicbo betting market type. When playing the two-digit betting market, the dealer will ask the bettor to take two numbers from numbers 1 to 6. For example, in this game round we take numbers 2 and 6 to be given a bet. We will only win if two of the three Sicbo dice come out of the winning numbers.

Then in third place is the Odd-Even Sicbo dice game. Unlike the rules of the two previous types of Sicbo betting markets, for Odd-Even games the player only has to choose the Odd (Odd) side or choose the Even (Even) side. Winnings from Odd Even bets in this Sicbo gambling will depend on the total dots that come out of the 3 dice. Examples of dice that were previously scrambled by the dealer come out numbers 2, 4, 6. The total of the dice points is 12, and therefore the Even number wins.

Then there is the Big Small or Big Small bet. The Agen Bola Resmi of the game for this betting market are the same as Odd Even or Odd Even. And for example 3 dice that have been shuffled by the dealer appear numbers 1, 3, 5. The sum of the dice points is 9. Then the Small number bet wins for this example game. That’s because 9 is the Small number which has the numbers 4 – 10, while the Big number is 11-17.

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Furthermore, there is the Balak betting market or what we better know as the Double number bet. The rules for how to play are two of the three dice used to show the number that is winning. Suppose I choose number 3 for the Balak game. Then later I can win the Balak bet, for example the dice shows the numbers 3, 5, 3.The last game for online Sicbo gambling is Triple or what is better known as twins 3.From this explanation it is certain to win Triple, the number championed by us must appear from 3 dice used in the Sicbo online gambling game.

Example of calculating online sicbo betting winnings

How much profit will we get when playing these types of bets? For Odd Even and Big Small games, the winnings are obtained according to the betting nominal placed. For example, we bet 100,000 for these two betting markets. If you win, the dealer will pay us 200,000 and that includes capital. Move on to the single numbers game market. The prize paid by the dealer to the winning bettor depends on the appearance of the desired number. If only appears on one side the winnings are 1: 1. But if the dice appear from two sides it is 1: 2, while if it appears on all dice the winning result will be multiplied by 3.

Now for a two-number game, the player who wins the number of bets will be multiplied by 5. Furthermore, for players who have succeeded in winning the Balak Sicbo online betting market, the bettor’s betting capital will be multiplied by 8. For the latter or the Triple game market, the dealer will multiply the betting capital to 150x fold. And that is the information from the admin about the Sicbo dice online gambling game. Hopefully this is useful for you, that’s all and good luck.