Characteristics of Cheating Poker Agents

Characteristics of Cheating Poker Agents

An dewa judi online web is a container or place for gamblers to play according to their hobbies. But there continues to be a large number of online poker gambling agents that are popping up on the internet. Makes members worried or find it difficult to sort out which web is really trustworthy.

Because so far there have been many fraud modes from online poker gambling sites on the internet with various methods. Start by deleting members’ accounts, after that block the user id until the alibi that the member chip is hacked by someone else. This kind of thing is commonplace on the online gambling web, especially for this type of online poker. So that this kind of matter does not happen again, we want to share a little of the methods of recognizing the characteristics of cheating poker agents.

  • Bonus Given Is Not Appropriate

The initial thing that you must suspect when an online poker gambling agent shares a no deposit bonus promo and can be withdrawn. This kind of bonus must be completely absurd. What do we know if a gambling agent is also looking for profit. How can they distribute free bonuses to all members and it can be withdrawn. So from now on, you should be suspicious. The formal bonuses generally given by online poker gambling agents are like a 10% deposit bonus. Or also a weekly cashback bonus of a percentage of the turnover value as long as you play. If this type of bonus still makes sense and can be accepted by all online poker gambling players.

  • Cannot Use 1 ID

Now what really means when you play online poker gambling on the internet is that it happens to the use of USER ID itself, some members have an issue with this because there is an online poker gambling web where there are many games but cannot be played using just 1 ID, this is definitely appropriate. make suspicion. How can a gambling web that actually uses the latest technology cannot be played with just 1 ID. It’s better not to be hooked by the many types of games, but also to understand for sure whether the web you are selecting is truly trustworthy or not.

  • Game Not Fair
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After that, the third is a game that is not fair at all. The meaning is not fair here is when an online gambling web opens a place to gamble so that only players vs players should be able to play. But there are also web admins who are able to play in order to earn bonus profits. This kind of method is clearly very fraudulent and cannot be held accountable. Moreover, there are online poker gambling websites that use bots against human user players. This means for us to know, the online gambling system is clearly played on the internet and we do not know clearly who our opponents are at the table.

  • Fake Web Appearance

Finally, it is seen from the appearance of the web itself, most of us glimpse the appearance of the web with a beautiful and attractive design to look at. This does not mean that the simple appearance of the online poker gambling web cannot be trusted. Moreover, there are even many gambling webs with a beautiful appearance that deceive their members.

So much for the discussion this time about the Characteristics of Cheating Poker Agents that you can learn from, hopefully this information can be of use to you. Thank you and good bye.