Football Gambling Rules Over Under Goal, Beginners Must Know

Football Gambling Rules Over Under Goal, Beginners Must Know

Now playing soccer gambling is no longer difficult and there is no need to worry, because there are already online bookies. Through virtual gambling media like this, you can play soccer betting safely, comfortably and easily. This method is now used by millions of Indonesian bettors. In fact, many world bettors also wear it.
Actually, this online gambling not only gives you the opportunity to be able to place bets safely and comfortably. However, online soccer gambling also promises higher returns. For example, the presence of various types of ball markets every day that you can play daftar youbetcash.
Not to mention, in online gambling, bettors can place more diverse bets. That is, the bets offered are not only winning, losing, but more varied. One that you can play is over under goal. This is one of the types of bets that beginners must understand before starting to gamble.
The reason is, the over under goal bet itself is a type of game that promises a high win rate. Even though they are both single bets, when compared to handicap bets, over under is easier. Therefore, this is one of the recommendations that beginners can play when gambling at online bookies.

Ball betting rules over under goal

As the name implies, later you have to guess between over or under. Over means you will play by guessing the total number of goals (the number of goals from the two competing teams) in the match is higher than the o / u value. Under means the opposite, the number of goals is lower than the o / u value.
This o / u value will vary in each market, similar to handicap or voor. Of course, this value will be determined by the dealer or the situs slot terbaik market itself. The o / u value is also graded by the difference ¼, like the handicap or voor value. The way to read the o / u value is more or less the same as the way to read voor.
When you guess over, you win if the number of goals is deducted by half the o / u value. For example, the number of goals is 3, while the value of o / u is 2.5 (2 ½). If you guessed over, the result is 3-2.5 (2 ½) = 0.5 or half. That means here you are entitled to a stake in return.
When guessing under, it is declared winning by the soccer gambling site when the o / u value is reduced by half the number of goals. For example, the result of the difference in subtraction, whether over or under is only a quarter, the bettor is still considered to have won. However, the payment will be only half the odds value.

Tips and tricks to win over under

Even though this is recommended and includes a type of bet with a high win rate, of course it also requires a good playing strategy. The thing that you must understand in order to maximize the over under bet is an analysis technique. So, make sure you analyze the match well so that the chances of winning are also high.
The method of analysis is quite easy. You just need to find the average number of goals from the last 5 meetings of the two teams. Then, also look for the average goals from the last 5 matches on both sides. If the result is more than the o / u value, you can guess over, and vice versa. But don’t forget to also analyze the strength of the team.
You have to make sure that neither team is injured. In addition, you also have to know if the team is in good condition. In addition, when playing later, avoid all-ins. Divide your capital into several bets. That way, the odds for the soccer bookies are definitely higher.
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