How to play Bet Over Under-Soccer Betting

How to play Bet Over Under-Soccer Betting

The over under bet is a sbobet online soccer gambling market where you only have to guess the number of goals that occur between the 2 teams you choose that exceeds or is less than the market provided. Over under is known as the over under bet in Indonesia. This game can be played as a single bet or as a party combined into a mix parlay game.
There are also very many enthusiasts in the game over under, considering that the chances of winning are greater than the 1×2 market. In addition, you can also play over under on running soccer betting, which means that even though the ball game has started, you can still place bets on the team you want. Not only that, you can also place bets in the first half or just 45 minutes of the match. There are odds on each type of bet so that there cannot be a draw, both over and under, the percentage of winning is 50 to 50 percent.

How to play over under

This game is perfect for those of you who don’t have a mainstay team and want to gain profits quickly because the purpose of this bet is to guess the number of goals from the 2 teams you choose. To play judi bola nova88 this game, of course, you must have a balance first, then enter the game and choose OU (over under) in the odds column for the team you want. After finishing choosing you must choose submit so that your bet is declared valid.

How to count your winnings

To calculate your winnings in soccer situs judi online terbaik, use a formula by multiplying the odds by the number of bets. By calculating the bet amount + (bet amount x odds), for example, if you place 100 and you win then 100+ (100 * 1.7) = 217.
It’s very easy, that’s not why this game is increasingly popular to be played by beginners and online gamblers who are already professionals. It’s a good idea before you place a bet, pay attention to the amount of odds that exist first. For beginners, you can try with a large team because small teams are difficult to predict. And for those of you who want to try playing, you can play at a trusted gambling ball agent. A few reviews and tips from me hopefully useful and can help you in betting more precisely.
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