How to play mix parlay over – under

Mix parlay Over Under is a soccer betting market that is played by guessing whether the number of goals between the two teams that will compete is more or less than the market provided by each Football Gambling Site.
Over under markets can be played as a single bet or combined into the party in the Mix Parlay betting placement.
This soccer betting enthusiast is quite large, because the chances of winning are higher than the 1 × 2 market.
In the over under ball game, the number of goals that is counted is only the number of goals scored during normal times.
does not apply to extra rounds or penalties. But you can also only play hokibet99 the first half or 45 minutes in the match.
Usually on this market, every SBOBET Football Agent adds a decimal (0.25, 0.5, 0.75). This is done so as not to allow a draw for this online gambling bettor.
Either Over or Under, the chance of winning between the two is 50:50.
Even though a decimal is added to every over / under market, it does not rule out the market using integers as well.
If the match that takes place has the same market value, then your stake will be returned because it is considered a situs slot terpercaya.

How to Play Over Under Easily

How to play Over Under is very easy. This type of bet is perfect for bettors who like to play soccer gambling, but don’t want to side with any team.
mix parlay over under
Where you only need to guess the number of goals from the two teams.
And you need to know, friend, that you don’t need to be confused about how to play over under or about this type of football betting market. Because now it seems like every football betting agent site has provided this market and tutorials for playing it.
In this case, let’s just say that you have joined one of the official agents of sbobet which provides a sportbook mix parlay game. That way, let’s look at the image above, surely you are already familiar with the appearance in the image, right?
So, to make a bet on this market. Have a look at the OU menu in the right hand column. Click on the odds that you want to place, whether it’s Over or Under. The odds you choose will automatically move to the left column.
After you select it, please enter the bet amount you want to bet then click submit.
How to Determine Winning
When you look at the picture of the table, it looks like it really explains how this over/under market works. However, we will explain by giving examples so that it is easier for all bettors to understand.

Handicap Under

For example, in the Juventus vs Napoli match, the Football Agent provides a market odds value of 2.5. Then you only need to guess the final result score will end with the number of goals above 2.5 (3 goals or more) or under 2.5 (2 goals or less).
If on this bet, you bet under 2.5 and the match ends with 3 goals, then you lose. But if you bet Over 2.5, then you are lucky and win in the game.
So that’s an explanation of how to determine victory in a soccer gambling bet on the Over Under market. If you are interested in playing soccer betting on this one, please register yourself now on our trusted site.
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