How to Play Mix Parlay Without Losing

The first thing you should know for the first time is the recommendation to play Over Under. Where with this type of bet variation, you don’t have to guess the team that won the match that you bet on. However, you only have to guess the number of goals that occurred. Come on, look at the Over Under recommendation.
Before being aware of How to Play Mix Parlay over under, you must first be aware of the Handicap in online football betting.
That way, you can nominate a wide variety of online bet types that we provide in 1 Mix Parlay package. That way, you can make profits more easily even if you only use a small capital.
  • For 1/4 berarti 0 – 0.5
  • A half voor means 0.5
  • For 3/4 berarti 0.5 – 1
  • For 1 1/4 berarti 1 – 1.5
  • Voor 1 and a half means 1.5, and so on.
In order to speed up understanding, just listen to the examples that we can provide this:
Under the Over Under (O / U) column, there is an exchange rate for the Over Under (O / U) bet type, which is 3-3.5, which means that if you bet against an over position, the result of the match is over 3 goals, such as 3-2, 3-1, 2-2, 3-3 and so on. If the result ends together with only 3 goals scored such as 3-0, 2-1, 1-2 and so on, then you can experience half the judi slot terpercaya.
Meanwhile, if you bet / bet against the Under position, the number of goals created must be under 3 such as 2-0, 1-0, 1-1 and so on. If the match ends together with the same number of goals as 3, then you will lose half the bet.
Now that you realize what Over / Under is along with the explanation above, now you can try the very lucky type of soccer bet, Mix Parlay Over Under.
Mix Parlay itself is a bet agen judi bola nova88 that is played together with a straightforward guessing step of at least 3 or more matches. Where from these 3 matches, each team that is championed must win. If it is not true that one team loses, then you can be recognized as losing to this type. If it is a draw, then the team does not count. The mix parlay calculation is multiplying the Odds value from the 3 teams that you have determined and multiplied together with the nominal amount of the bet or bet.
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