How to Play Online Football Gambling Over Under

How to Play Over Under Online Football Gambling – One of the most preferred types of online soccer betting is Over Under or abbreviated as OU. Because it is not like the Asian Handicap (HDP) bet type or what is commonly known as Vooran.
In this over under bet, we do not hold one of the teams but only guess the number of goals that will pass or maybe less than the opened ball market.
There is another advantage in this over under, if you have won, there is no possibility of losing again (for those who put Over).
It’s a different story if you play on the Asian Handicap ball market, even though your bet status wins, there is still a chance that you will lose again.
That’s why this over under bet is really preferred by some online soccer gambling bettors. And you also need a list of soccer gambling that you can now use with various possibilities to the right market.
For those of you who have never really played agen nova88 online soccer betting, you should first know how to read over under soccer betting.
Actually it is not that hard to read it, but because you have just jumped in, you will definitely not know how to read it.
In the following I will explain the easy steps to read and place an Over Under bet on the most trusted football agent.

Steps to Play How to Play Online Football Gambling Over Under

In Indonesian, Over Under can identify with over-down slot online pulsa. The step of the game is to guess the overall goal of the match, whether it is above or below the ball market.
The step to bet on in the over under game is to count the number of goals formed from the normal time of the match 90 minutes. Until if there is an extension time or a penalty collide, the goals that are formed are not calculated.
The over under pair can either do the first set or the full set. The time before you played online soccer gambling, betting over under, it would be better if you knew the terms of soccer gambling:


In the game, ball pairs have several types of ball bets that can be named as the market. On the football website, the site provides a variety of various bets.


One type of bet that is most popular in the group of gamblers, because it has a large degree of chance. Even the benefits that can be obtained in this bet are many times over.


Generally, before the match, the agent can start making estimates for the game that will run.


The value of the bet on the match market.

Half Time dan Full Time

In online soccer betting you can place bets half time or full time.

Home dan Away

The term home for the home team, away for the visiting team.

Understanding of Playing Over Under Bets

The understanding of over in ball betting is to go beyond the limits of goals that already exist in the market. Being under is not passing the number of goals in the market.
Odds value must be a concern when playing over under, and the number of goals that have been set by the online gambling website. Here are some examples of calculating over under:

Over 2,5

Ball betting is over the goal limit. The counting step is if all the goals in the 2 teams have reached 3, because it can be sure to win.

Over 2,75

the same as betting on a ball over the goal limit, the difference is that the total goals in 2 teams are 3. Therefore, for the payment, you only win 1/2.

Over 3

The total number of goals for the 2 teams must pass three goals, if the total is only three goals, therefore it can ensure a draw (draw)

Under 2,5

The enemy from over, to be able to win the number of goals from the two teams, do not exceed two goals.

Under 2.75

If the overall goals of the 2 teams are 3, then the player will be sure to lose 1/2 of the bet value.

Under 3

In order to win, the number of goals must be under 3, if the total goals of the 2 teams are 3.Therefore, the pair will be sure to draw or draw.
This is the description of the steps to play Over Under the ball. Hopefully this can help you when playing online soccer betting. thank you
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