How to play online Samgong gambling for beginners

How to play online Samgong gambling for beginners

Game samgong a game that should be familiar to people who love the play of cards. If there is a dialogue about this samgong game, this game is always associated with card gambling. In fact, the game of samgong is one of the legendary card games that are really useful and can be played for only a small fee. This game is also proven to provide benefits for the players where this game can train their abilities and of course provide financial benefits.

For those of you who want to try this game, here is a guide to the Samgong playing card system. Please listen below

In the samgong game, the playing tool used is playing cards. Each card has different points, namely:

  • As – 10
  • cards are worth 1–10 K, Q and J cards are worth 10
  • The highest value in this game is 30.

At the beginning of the game, each player will get 3 cards. Then you just add up the points of each card you have. If the card score you have is below the value of 25, then you are allowed to add cards until it reaches a score of 25. The number of additional cards allowed is 2 cards only, where the maximum card game rule is 5 cards.

What you face in this game is the city, so you will win when:

  • The player’s card points are greater than the book’s card score. Card
  • points owned by the dealer are greater than 30

This samgong game is similar to blackjack, but the highest card value is different. In the blackjack game, the highest card value is 21, even though in the samgong game, the highest value is 30.

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At first this game was a game that was played as an entertaining game. But along with the times, this game is categorized as a card gambling game that you can play on trusted online gambling websites.

This is the article regarding the tutorial on this online samgong agent playing card system. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. If there are suggestions and criticisms regarding this paper, please submit your recommendations and criticisms via the comments column below.