How to Play Roulette to Win Continuously

Roulette is one of the online casino gambling games on Sbobet, for this game it is no less popular and almost all circles play this one game because the potential for winning from this game is really tantalizing.
Sure, all gamblers want victory, but unfortunately many gamblers lose and are cowards and in the end they decide to stop gambling when they lose a lot without knowing first. Powerful Tips and Tricks to turn the original situation from losing to winning. .
The history of Roulette has evolved for hundreds of years, it is known that the first time Roulette came from the French country which means Little Wheel, this game was invented in the 18th century. this luxury.

Tips for playing Roulette to win continuously

1. Bet on the Roulette Numbers

One of these types of bets on Roulette for beginners is quite complicated, because in playing agen sbobet  Online there are 36 numbers where you can guess what numbers the small ball will show, you need luck in this game but of course you can try tricks which I will present this.
make a bet on the 8th round by choosing a number that has not come out 8 times before. If you are successful, you can get the profit reaching x36 of your total bet, but if you lose it is best if you stop first or can bet using only a small amount.

2. Martingale

Martingale is a technical theory in probability management that has the possibility of having the same value at a certain time or in the past by utilizing the principle of multiplication. This theory is usually realized by professional gamblers or those who have large enough capital, because indeed the Martingale theory is an investment theory that situs slot online terpercaya a lot of money with a lot of capital. If indeed you are a gambler who has sufficient capital I think this theory will suit you and I am sure you will win a lot.
For example, if you place a bet on an odd value of even 10 thousand rupiah, after you lose the result, then the next bet you can bet with a nominal value of 20 thousand is increased 2x if you still lose, then fold it back to 40 thousand and so on until you win, if you have won then lower your bet back to like at the beginning place 10 thousand. Try to pay attention again, the results will always be the same, you only win 10 thousand.
NB: Martingale Roulette Online Casino Sbobet GoodBola strategy can only be used on 1: 1 bet types such as Red or Black, Even or Odds, and 1–18 or 19–36.

3. Investment Number

This method is to buy 30 numbers in 2 types of bets. The step you have to do is with the first type of bet you buy small numbers like (1–18) with a nominal value of IDR 30,000 and 1 other type of bet is to buy 3rd 12 (25–36) with a nominal value of IDR 20,000, then the calculation is like this. If the ball stops at a small number below 18, then the small bet you place wins IDR 30,000 and the 3rd 12 bet loses IDR 20,000 (which means that here you win IDR 10,000). However, if the ball stops at a large number above 24, then the small bet you place loses IDR 30,000, but your bet on 3rd 12 wins IDR 40,000 (which means that here you also win IDR 10,000).
NB: We recommend that those of you who use this strategy be more careful because this strategy has a winning ratio of only 70, pay close attention to where the ball will stick before betting.

4. Bet on Roulette Circles

So here the role of 0 is the middle number, you just need to put the number on whose name is a semicircle, for example as follows:
  • 1/2 circle to LEFT 0 (2 & 4 columns) 18 numbers
  • 1/2 circle to RIGHT 0 (columns 1 & 3) 18 numbers
  • 1/2 circle up (columns 1 & 2) 18 numbers
  • 1/2 circle to DOWN (3 & 4 columns) 18 numbers
The advantage of using this step is that we put 18 numbers x 1,000 = 18,000 if we win 1,000 x 35 = 35,000 + 1,000 (our bet money) so 35,000–17,000 = 18,000, which is the profit we will get.

5. Prosperity is limited

As usual, always limit your winnings when you want to play at any gambling, because lust only brings disaster.
That is the strategy for playing Roulette to win continuously, hopefully this article will be useful especially for bettors who have experienced many defeats so that you can get your win back in playing Roulette to win.
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