Important Rules In Playing Ceme Around

Important Rules In Playing Ceme Around

Gambling players certainly have to try the ceme game around. The game is one game of chance 1gaming are also often played. This game uses domino cards. You can play the game using only a computer, laptop and even a smart phone that you can carry anywhere. Because at this time there are already available applications that can be installed on your smart phone.

With applications that can be installed on your cellphone, of course it will make it easier for players to play. Playing gambling outside the home is no longer something that is impossible because everything can be played if there is a cellphone and internet network. Actually, there are several main elements that every gambling player must have, namely money, cellphones, internet networks, and also playing techniques.

Players must know how to play in a game. By knowing this, the players will be able to win the game easily. Besides that, your chances of winning are also very big.

Winner of the Game Ceme Around

The round ceme game has its own rules for determining who wins the game. Here are the events that one said was the winner of the phenomenal game:

  • High card value

Players who have a higher card value than the card obtained by the dealer will win the game, where players are entitled to bet money and bonuses. And vice versa if the value of the player’s card is smaller than the card owned by the dealer, then the player loses the game. So that the bet money belongs to the dealer.

  • Series cards

If the value of the bookie card and also the player is the same or a tie then the game player loses and the game dealer wins the game. Therefore the bookie has the right to get the stake.

  • Card value 9
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If a player scores 9 then he is entitled to 2 x money used for betting.

  • Rules for Playing Ceme Online Around

In the online gambling game ceme keliling there are rules of play that you must meet, namely:

  • As a player, you must bring enough playing capital.
  • Choose the table you want to choose to play.
  • Players will be given 8 seconds to place a bet.
  • If the player exceeds the specified time limit, the card will be immediately distributed to the player.
  • The next player will be given 7 seconds. to save the cards that are distributed to him
  • After 7 seconds have passed, each player must open the card
  • The player who has a card value higher than the dealer who will be the winner

In addition, there are jackpot card combinations in this game. Where the jackpot card combination is divided into:

  • Small Pure Card

The card combination that has a maximum total value of 9 and must not exceed it. Combination of cards with a maximum number of circles of 9 (not past 9)

  • Big Pure Card

A card combination whose total maximum value between the top and bottom sides that the player gets is over 40 and cannot be less than that value.

  • Log Cards

The card combination with the maximum total value between the top and bottom sides has the same value, namely (0/0), (1/1), (2/2), (3/3), (4/4), (5/5) ) and (6/6).

  • Six Gods Card

The card combination whose total value is between the top and bottom sides has a circle value of 6, for example, (0/6), (1/5), (2/4), (3/3).