Meaning of bets on halftime / fulltime soccer betting

Meaning of bets on halftime / fulltime soccer betting

Becoming a successful bettor is all about finding value in betting. If you are familiar with the concept, you will be able to get more benefits. Here, I will be discussing specifically about Halftime / Fulltime Betting.

Simply put, this market combines the result bet of the first half and the second half into one bet. In essence, you are predicting which team will lead during half-time and which team will eventually win.

Also, note that this market does not account for any score changes beyond the standard 90 minute match time frame. In particular, I mean injury time and on penalties.

Halftime / Fulltime Betting at a Glance

Maybe some of you already know what choices can be made on these types of bets. This is a home, draw or away win. In one version, it will produce 9 possible match results. In other versions, there are only 6 possibilities.

Knowing how to bet on this type of bet is all about choosing the right option for the right situation. The good news is, it’s quite flexible and can be applied to any match situation.

For example, when you bet on a very one-sided match. Supporting the favorite team does provide a high chance of winning, but the prize for winning is very small.

However, if you also enter a prediction that they will take the lead in the first half, the odds increase. This is a very common way to place HT / FT bets. All beginners can do it.

To take full advantage of the Halftime / Fulltime Betting, you’ll have to dig deep. Say, you know that your favorite team tends to underperform in the first half after looking at the statistics and doing previous research.

Halftime / Fulltime Betting Guide

Because it offers more exciting challenges, more and more bettors are interested in trying this type of bet. Right now, you could have a tendency to put up money on an underdog team.

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The underdogs tend to put up a strong fight in the first 45 minutes. You can then predict a draw in the first half, which will substantially increase the odds on unprofitable bets.

Another common beginner strategy is to put in draws and draws. Basically, you are expecting a 0: 0 result. Statistically, this is the most likely way to win the bet.

If the H2H stats show a high probability of getting a zero result, you can make a very good profit. This is even better than 1X2 live betting.

Of course, this is only part of your options. With 9 possible results and an endless supply of soccer matches, you can play around with different approaches.

The strategy above only describes what I recommend. Don’t bet on HT / FT just because you want to. This is a risky market, and you should definitely be sure of a return.

Here are some of the most commonly used tips:

  • The team taking the lead in the first half wins the match in more than 80% of cases. However, the teams that were left behind, only managed to bounce back in about 5% of matches.
  • Consider team strategy before making your choice. For example, if the favorite of a match focuses on defense, the result in the first half is most likely a draw.
  • Always follow football news. Details such as player injuries and weather can affect a team’s goal scoring ability.

According to sbobet88, HT / FT bets are indeed difficult to predict because of the many variables. While this makes them difficult to predict, it also means that they often carry hidden value.