One of the most popular games on Indonesian online poker sites

One of the most popular games on Indonesian online poker sites

In the ears of online card gambling lovers, maybe you are already familiar with ceme games, okay in this article I will try to discuss more deeply what is the online ceme game? For this type of game using a domino card and now it can be found on the Indonesian online pokerqq99 gambling site , this type of game is usually divided into 2 types, namely online ceme and mobile ceme, although they have almost the same designations but the way to play is slightly different, friends. Okay, I will try to explain in more detail the differences between online ceme and mobile ceme:

  • Ceme online: for this game category the dealer is only 1 (one) person and the rest are players, then for the number of players in this game are 2 (two) to 8 (eight) people.
  • Circumstances: for this category it is almost the same, there is only a slight difference, namely if in this circuit the dealer can take turns depending on the value of the coins (usually who has the most coins can become a dealer) and the number of players in this game can also be played starting from 2 (two) people to 8 (eight) people.

This game is widely liked because this type of game is very easy and you don’t need to think too much about strategy, but it still takes patience and a good mood when playing, friends. Because if we are not good at managing patience and are provoked by emotions, maybe we will make mistakes in placing large bets when our cards are not good and this is very possible for us to accept defeat for sure.

Ok, continue, here I will try to share some tips on how to choose the right time so you can enjoy playing online ceme on Indonesian online poker gambling sites based on my experience because playing in this type of game is very different from other games that may require tricks and a special strategy in this Ceme game, you are required to prioritize patience while waiting for luck.

10 Tips for Playing Ceme Online

  • You can start this game from a small room level bet, the goal is to see how lucky you are in playing ceme. If you are lucky enough to win several games then you will get additional capital to play at a bigger / VIP bet level. Or it could be when you are satisfied, you can immediately withdraw (withdraw funds) to enjoy the winnings.
  • If you are looking for a profit in real money from this game then you have to play in a calm state and avoid playing when you are experiencing a lot of problems because this will clearly make emotions unstable and it is certain that defeat will soon approach.
  • Don’t make large bets, because the risks you have to face are also very large. So you should place bets in stages so that you can avoid all the risks of unwanted losses.
  • Playing in the right place, for example, you play ceme in your room or in a coffee shop that supports you to always focus on the game. Don’t play when you are on your way home from work / office because it can only damage your concentration.
  • Playing on the IDN Poker server which is the best and trusted platform that ensures that every game that takes place does not use a robotic system because the server from IDN always upholds clean play / fairplay in order to maintain the trust of every member.
  • Never target a nominal winnings to be achieved because if you have an automatic target it will be a burden and you will be unable to control yourself which makes the defeat happen.
  • Playing in a happy state and without problems, of course, will always bring positive things, including in gambling games which can automatically make you control your emotions well and it is certain that the victory will soon be approaching.
  • Always remember the key to winning in this game is patience, so don’t insist on always placing bets with a large nominal, you must be able to read the situation whenever you have to increase or decrease the size of your partner.
  • If you are not patient enough, the best solution is to find another room to try your new luck. Believe or not believe that every room has different luck for each player
  • And finally because in this type of game, strategy and tricks are not the main thing, but luck is one of the main factors in winning. Before you play, you should limit the capital you want to use, and when the capital issued has reached the limit, you should stop playing and rest. You also have to remember the term there is still tomorrow … so you don’t have to be too pushy to play when the goddess Fortuna is not on your side.
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Yes, more or less like that, friends, for those of you who also happen to like online ceme games, you can try to always remember the tips I gave, oh yes, there is one thing that is no less important, for friends to know, that is always try more Be careful and wise in choosing an online poker site to play because if you choose the wrong choice, you will definitely regret that you will not receive the victory that you have won automatically, so you can imagine, friends, how much you will regret and hurt when you have a hard time. lousy to win then the results are not paid because the online poker site is less trusted.

Ok that’s all I can try to share with you in this article about how to play and also tips on playing ceme online, hopefully it’s useful and hopefully luck will always come to you, yes … thank you