Procedures for Playing Dice 6 Online Casino Gambling

Procedures for Playing Dice 6 Online Casino Gambling

There are actually many types of Dice or Dice gambling on the online casino dealer website, but what only bettors recognize, especially beginner bettors, is Sicbo, whose rules of the game use 3 square dice. In fact there are online gambling games whose game media also uses Dice which is well-known among big-time online casino gamblers / old players. The name of the game is Dice 6 online gambling. For beginner bettors who play Sicbo online gambling every day, Dice 6 is a dice game that you must try.

Basic Rules for Betting Dice 6 Online Casino

Even though the name is Dice 6 online gambling, this game does not use 6 dice in fact but only uses 1 dice. And unlike Sicbo whose dice are box-shaped, the dice in the Dice 6 online gambling game are shaped like a sling. But still, even though it looks like a dice gasing, it still has 6 sides complete with 1 to 6 circle images.The visuals that are displayed in the online gambling dice game at the agen judi sbobet casino are guaranteed to entertain the players, because the gases have bright colors. and every round of the game is always accompanied by a soundtrack with a Disco theme like other online casino games in general.

Types of Bet on the Dice 6 Online Casino Gambling Game

  • Taruhan Big or Small

Then for the determination of the game Dice 6 is the same as online casino gambling games, including the same as Sicbo dice gambling, that is, according to the selected betting market. And still just like other online casino gambling games, there is a Big Small betting market on the Dice 6 gambling game. The number of circles 1 to 3 indicates that the game is won by Small, while the number of circles 4, 5 or 6 indicates that the games are won by Big.

  • Taruhan Odd or Even

In addition to Big or Small, the online gambling game Dice 6 also has an Odd or Even betting market or which means Odd numbers or Even numbers. When a circle on the Top appears that is 1/3 / 5 then the game is won Odd or Odd numbers. However, if the opposite is the case, the top side shows a circle of 2/4/6, so the Dice 6 game is won by Even or Even numbers.
The victory obtained from the Big or Small / Odd or Even betting market is the victory multiplied by 1x. Also you should know, Agen Bola Terpercaya two online gambling game betting markets Dice 6 there is a 5% discount for each win. So if you win 50,000, the bettor receives only 47,500 because the deduction is 2500 (50,000 – [50,000 x 5%] => 50,000 – 2,500).

  • 1 Number Bet
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The market for betting the next type of online gambling game Dice 6 is a 1 number bet. In this game, players are directed to choose one of the numbers 1/2/3/4/5 / 6. When the number you choose appears after the game stops spinning, the win will be obtained and multiplied by 5.5x. So if the bet you place on this game is 100,000, the profit that will enter your online gambling account balance is 550,000 (100,000 x 5.5).

  • 2 Number Bet

Next, there is a 2-digit bet in the Dice 6 gambling game, where players have the right to choose two numbers. As an illustration, you can bet on number 1 and number 4. If the Circle that appears is one of those numbers, your winning bet is multiplied by 2.75. So if the bet placed on this online gambling game is 100,000, the online casino dealer will pay 275,000 (100,000 x 2.75).

  • 4 Number Bet

Finally there is a 4-digit bet, which is the easiest game after Big Small and Odd Even in the Dice game 6. The number of numbers that players can choose is up to 4, which for example are 2, 3, 4, 5.With this convenience, the wins are won just the capital multiplied by 1.375. When the stakes are 100,000, the prize is only 137,500.
As additional information, apart from Big Small and Odd Even, the bettor’s winning stake will be returned according to the value placed. And that is the review of online Dice 6 gambling for you. Hopefully it can be of benefit and good luck.