Secret Tricks Never Lose Playing Gambling / Betting

Secret Tricks Never Lose Playing Gambling / Betting

Why does the admin use the sentence ‘Never Lose’ in the post title? Because after reading this post I guarantee you will never lose in gambling. ‘Lose’ means that the capital will never run out, not ‘lose’ in the sense of the game, because in gambling it is impossible for a gambler to win continuously while playing and it is impossible to simply lose. Winning Comparison: Losing at gambling is 50: 50 so assume that a defeat is not easy to give up immediately. This applies not only to gambling, but other business fields as well as the Profit: Loss ratio of fifty-fifty.

So actually gambling and commerce are the same, what are the similarities? Gambling and Trade are both we spend CAPITAL to get results (profit / loss) but the difference is gambling is like a shortcut, we don’t have to sell things, don’t have any promotions, don’t have any stalls, don’t have to offer goods, the point is we go straight to the point to the results. namely GOOD or LOSS.

Capital is very important in gambling and trading, because capital is our benchmark for determining whether we gain or lose. Therefore, proper capital management will lead us to glory, for example, just look at successful entrepreneurs and compare them with small entrepreneurs. Do you know the difference? The difference is in capital management, the rich man has a more orderly and systematic pattern and this will affect the stability of capital and the results achieved. Conversely, if the management of the capital is in shambles, it can be ascertained that the losses will be obtained because the capital expenditure is not right on target.

The same is the case with gambling, capital management is what differentiates big gamblers and amateur gamblers. Therefore I will teach you how to be a great and unbeatable gambler. Oh yeah, btw my income from online sports betting on the Situs Resmi Judi Bola has reached 10 million every day because of using these tips. Here are the tips:

  • Select Game 2 Object

That is, choose a game that only places 2 objects as the object of betting. For example: Football Betting (only choose 1 club between 2 clubs), Basketball Betting, Volleyball Betting, etc.

  • Use Brain Not Lust

Use the Brain means that if you play gambling, focus on the goals to be achieved by being observant in reading all the situations. For example, when you bet football on the Sbobet site, first investigate the 5 match history of the two teams before you decide which team you will hold.

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Also avoid using lust in playing, for example when you are in a winning position, be grateful for your victory, don’t immediately play again to get more because this will lead you to destruction. Likewise, when you are in a losing position, don’t be too eager to return your capital because you have a formula to return your capital. The point is you have to be able to CONTROL YOURSELF.

  • Manage Capital Regularly

In each game, bet 5% of your capital only, for example your capital is 2 million, then the money you use to bet is 100 million. When in a game you win, then in the next game still use 100rb for betting. and Separate your winnings from capital. When you lose, what does it mean? if you lose follow the next tips below

  • How to Return Capital

Bet capital according to the percentage of defeat, for example, continue the example of the incident above. When you lose 100 thousand, then in the second game, bet 100 thousand so Agen Judi Bola Online you get a 2 million return on investment.
Still losing? in the third game, bet 200 thousand.
Still lose? the fourth game stakes 400 thousand.
Lost again? in the fifth game, bet 800 thousand.
Lose again? it won’t be possible. Why can’t it be? Read again my writing above, the ratio WIN: LOSE is 50: 50 or 1/2. So it is impossible for you to guess only 2 objects (for example you are told to choose: Chelsea or Barca) incorrectly BECAUSE 5x BECAUSE 2 Objects are divided by 5 guesses = 2/5 (already exceeding 1/2) <- so it’s not possible. (this is the Mathematics OPPORTUNITY formula, bro, it’s already been tested)

and should the impossible happen, then bet your remaining unused capital (in this case 400k) in the sixth game.

and after your investment returns, go back to the first bet, which is 5% of the capital.

  • Set Victory Targets

Determine your own winning target, in this case the realistic one is 10% of the capital, above that figure may be very difficult. For example, your 2 million capital means your target of winning is 200 thousand, that means after you get a win of 200 thousand, stop playing, continue the next day.

Those are the secret tips that will make you invincible in gambling. You can also practice how to manage capital in this post on your real business and see how it goes.