Some Brief Information For Online Poker Members

Some Brief Information For Online Poker Members

There are many people out there who have economic difficulties. The general problem faced by the Indonesian people is also the economy. It is very important for everyone to have money so they can exchange or buy it using this one payment instrument. However, looking for money is not as easy as it can come just like that. It takes effort or hard work to get it. When you can get money from your own energy, it is definitely something people are very proud of. With the development of the times and the modern, many prices of goods that have better quality and higher prices. Making the community also must have or need more income.

Many people are taking advantage of today’s advanced technology to get side income. With an internet connection, people now reach everything easily and comfortably. People don’t always rely on income from online shops, but many Indonesians use the old method, namely playing gambling. Today’s advanced technology provides solutions for people to play online poker gambling. With today’s smartphones, people can play card gambling anywhere and anytime. The public can register and play on the trusted idnplay pagcor gambling site . For this article, we as customer service would like to convey some of the latest and interesting information from today’s member questions.

  • Create a Username and Nickname

This first information is for beginner members who fail to register or continue to the next stage because an X appears when registering. Then appears the information “Name is not available” when creating a table name, set nickname or screen name. New members who want to play, should they be able to make their username and nickname as unique as possible. As we know that this name is our identity and must be made as unique as possible. If it still fails, it means that someone has used the name, we hope that the members don’t complain and give up when it fails several times, so try making it again using a combination of letters and numbers, for example: rivaldy1819.

  • Change Bank Name

Every day there are new members who register, every day there are also hundreds of new members who register. Then a lot of members are worried when they make mistakes when registering. The member did not fill in the bank name correctly, so even when the account was finished the data for the bank name did not match. Members will usually confirm or ask how to change the wrong bank name. We as customer service will ask for the username of the member’s account. Then we also conveyed to the members that we will change it in the morning at 09.00 WIB. Members don’t need to worry, because it’s not a big problem and members can still play.

  • Create New Account
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It is still about online poker member accounts because this account is mandatory for members to have and maintain as best as possible. In an online poker gambling site with 1 member account, you can play 8 card games. For the security system there is no need to doubt and worry about the members. While members do not lend or tell them to the people closest to them. There are still members who intend and ask how to create a new account using the same account. Because previously it was tried by the member and a statement that the bank data had been used appeared. 1 account 1 account, register using a new savings account or other for convenience and smoothness when you play.

  • Bonus Turn Over 0,5%

Many play online gambling because they can get free funds to play. Where in online poker gambling strategies usually provide a Turn Over bonus of 0.5% which is distributed every day and a 20% Referral bonus which is distributed every Monday. Many members haven’t asked if there is a roll bonus? is it a Turn Over bonus? how to calculate the Turn Over bonus? This rolling bonus or Turn Over will be distributed every day no later than 14.00 WIB. This one bonus is calculated from the member’s total bet when playing, not calculated from the nominal deposit. Every day many members are given bonuses as soon as possible so that members can play again.