The Latest Success Tricks to Win Big Playing Poker

The Latest Success Tricks to Win Big Playing Poker

Online poker games are no longer a strange name among Indonesians today, games that use playing cards are not only popular in Indonesia but have also reached all Pyang people in the world. Even in Las Vegas, every year there is always a poker game competition called the World Series Of Poker (WSOP).

The online poker game is a development of the poker game that is usually played in a casino, this online poker game can be played anytime and anywhere using the internet network. To win online poker games, of course, you have to use special tricks in order to win playing online poker.

Now, through this article, I will provide information about the latest and best tricks to win online poker games on the situs poker deposit via pulsa for those of you who are looking for this online poker winning trick. Please listen below.

The Latest Success Tricks to Win Big Playing Poker – To be able to win the online poker game, of course you have to know how to play and the rules of the game, once you know about how to play and the rules of the online poker game then you can start playing the game.

The following are tricks for winning online poker, namely:

Pay attention to the starting hand you have.

Starting hand or what is more commonly referred to as a hand’s card is the 2 initial cards you get at the beginning of the game, pay attention to the 2 card values ​​and make sure the highest card value you have at the beginning of the game is worth 9+ while for the lowest card value is the card that is worth 5+.

Pay attention to the 3 initial cards that are opened on the game table

Pay attention to the 3 starting cards on the game table, try to combine the three cards with the 2 starting cards you have. The initial card combinations that may be formed at this point are:

  • A card combination that is close to a straight, you can try to make a check or call by increasing the bet amount by approximately half the initial bet amount that you have placed.
  • The card combination that is close to a flush, you can try to do the same thing as in a straight combination.
  • Card combinations that immediately form two pairs, you can do all of this. Because if you do all in, other players who may be waiting for the next card will think again whether he will play or not.
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By doing the things above, maybe the number of players playing will decrease because they fold because they are not sure what cards they have.

Play calmly and not in a hurry.

If at the beginning of the game, you have received a three of kind card combination but you did not raise. Maybe you have a strategy to trap your opponent to raise first, after that you have to raise an amount 2 times the amount of the bet he is betting.

Chances are he has a good card combination too, of course your opponent will bet and eventually do all in. In the end, you will be the winner, this is a calm and unhurried way of playing.

It’s different if you play in a hurry, then you will only get a win with a small amount of bets. This is because most of your opponents will think the cards you have are good, so they prefer to just fold.

Play using bluff.

This trick is often recommended as the most powerful trick for winning online poker games quickly and easily, but this one trick cannot be used carelessly and is outdated. The best times to do this trick are:

  • When you believe that your opponent doesn’t have a good hand
  • At least you have a pair card
  • When your opponent is left with only 1 or 2 players

Above is winning the latest and most accurate online poker game which I have summarized from various reliable sources, Good luck with the tips above. Thank you for reading this article, I hope this article can be useful for you.