The Meaning Of The Over Under Market In Football Gambling


In soccer gambling games on online soccer gambling sites, it is a soccer betting game that you often get on the market. From the word Over in English, namely “over” or Under is “below” with the combined meaning of Over Under is “Over Under”. Where players will also be given 2 choices to play a game that is placed Over Under in betting online soccer gambling.


For those of you who have not understood this Over Under game. We will give an example of how to play situs judi online in this Over Under betting game. An example of an Over/under betting market is 2.5 balls. The sign is that if the total number of goals scored during the match is below 3 balls then you will be declared the winner. For example the result (0-0), (1-0), (2-0), (0-1), (1-1) then you will be declared the winner when you place a bet on Under (bottom). But on the other hand if the total goals in a match reaches 3 goals or more then for those of you who bet on Over (above) you will win the bet. For example the result is (3-0), (2-1), (2-2), (4-0), and so on. If you hold Over (above) will be declared as the winner.
The following is an illustration of the Over / under game which you can see in the image below:
If you look at the picture above, it looks like it really explains how the over under market works. However, we will explain with an example to make it easier to understand.


For example, in the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match, the football bookie gives the market odds value of 2.5 balls. You only need to guess whether the result ends with a total of goals above 2.5 (3 goals or more) or under 2.5 (2 goals or less). If you bet over 2.5 and the match ends with 3 goals, then you will be counted as winning. But if you bet under 2.5, then the judi slot online terpercaya is you lose.
Another example is the Arsenal vs Chelsea match. Bandar Bola provides a 2 ball market, meaning that if you place an over, the result of the match must be more than 2 goals. If the match ends with a total of 3 goals or more then you are counted as winning, but if there are less than 2 goals then you are counted as losing. And if the match ends with only 2 goals (1-1) then your bet is returned for a draw.


0.5-1 (3/4 ball)

Win Over: When the competition will end with 2 goals or more
Win 1/2 Over: When the competition will end with only 1 goal scored
1.50 – 2 (1 #3/4 ball)
Win Over: When the competition will end in result of 3 goals or more
Win 1/2 Over: When the competition will end in 2 goals
Win Under: When there is only 1 goal in the match

2.0 (2 balls)

Win Over: When the goal scored in the match is 3 balls or more
Win 1/2 Over: When the match ends with 2 goals scored
Example: 1-1, 2-0, 0-2
Win Under: If in the match only 1 goal has been created
Determining the winnings on this market is actually the same as calculating the winnings in other markets. The formula is to multiply the odds value by the amount of your bet.
When you select Over / Under, the odds value will appear on the left of the column. In the example above the odds over value for Over / Under: 1.25 is 1.16.
To find out how many your wins are:
Bet amount + (stake x odds)
If for the case like the image above you install 100 is:
100+(100×1.6) = 216
Then the winnings you can get from a capital of 100 are 216.


What types of sports that provide this over under market have been applied to most types of sports. You can bet on Football, American Football, Basketball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, and even the total score on tennis matches.
In recent years there has been an increase in the Over / Under bet type. You can not only bet on the number of goals scored in each soccer match, but you can also bet on the number of corners or even the number of yellow cards given. Improvements in this application have been seen across the range of sports.
For example you can now bet on things such as the outcome of a tennis match during or under a certain number of serves, the number of free throws in a basketball match or even the number of yards a particular player will win in American Football.
You could say it is very easy to say that this market is increasingly being played by novice gambling players as well as professional gambling players.
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