The Right Solution for Overcoming Positive Internet When Playing Poker

The Right Solution for Overcoming Positive Internet When Playing Poker

Several Gambling Websites that already have big names have always had problems in terms of access in Indonesia what else would it be if not a positive internet problem.

Positive internet is a communication and information policy that restricts bettors from being able to play gambling on it. The reason is, as we know if a game that uses money is prohibited by the government, there will be many attempts by the Ministry of Communication and Information to block all poker online pakai pulsa gambling sites available on the internet.

If you are one of those who have experienced this, you will find this quite annoying, especially if the account contains balances worth hundreds to millions. Not only is this annoying, you will also panic if you don’t know how to solve this Positive Internet problem.

For those of you playing online gambling, you will definitely feel annoyed by a positive internet or a healthy internet, because with this, you will not be able to access your favorite trusted online poker gambling site. For those of you, new players will definitely feel confused so that they will feel anxious immediately. But you don’t worry because there are easy solutions to solve positive internet problems.

From now on, if there happens to be a gambling website where you are playing Positive Internet, then you don’t need to panic or be upset. Positive internet problems are nothing new in the internet world. This problem is also very easy to solve, there are even several ways to solve it.

Before I tell you how to solve positive internet problems, it is good for you to know in advance that Positive Internet is one part of the Indonesian government program that wants to eliminate all kinds of websites or negative effects from the Internet so that any website with the theme of breaking the law will immediately submit to the Positive Internet.

Gambling is indeed what the Indonesian government stands for. To date, not all gambling websites have been exposed to the Positive Internet. Usually, if a gambling website has been exposed to the Positive Internet, it means that the gambling website is a gambling website that has been so crowded that people often access it and eventually the government will carry out an inspection.

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In this review, I have prepared several ways to solve positive internet problems that I think are very easy to implement, even free ..!

The Right Solution To Overcome Positive Internet Problems When Accessing Online Poker Gambling Sites

  • Take advantage of Free VPN

Virtual Private Network, which is an extension of the VPN which is a forged IP network. By using a VPN you can change your IP Address according to the country you choose. Here’s how to take advantage of Free VPN

  1. Download VPN (Cloud VPN or IP Vanish Recommendation)
  2. Enter the app
  3. Please select another country IP
  4. Gambling website ready to be accessed again
  • Using Anonymous Software

Anonymoux is software that is often used by people to open sites that are blocked by newsletters or Positive Internet. There are 2 types of anonymoux software that you can use, namely: anonymoux for google chrome and anonymoux for mozzila firefox.

Here’s how to use anonymoux software:

1. Install anonymoux according to the browser you are using
2. Activate the software
3. Press F5 on your keyboard
4. Re-type the gambling site
5. The gambling website is ready to be accessed

  • Accessing from the Opera browser
  1. Install Opera browser if it is not already on your computer
  2. Open opera browser
  3. Press CTRL + Shift N on your keyboard
  4. Click the small icon that says VPN is located on the right
  5. Enable VPN slide to ON
  6. Please select IP other countries in the optimal location
  7. Retype gambling site
  8. Gambling website is ready to be accessed

Here I only share 3 Right Solutions to Overcome Positive Internet Problems When Accessing Online Poker Gambling Sites Available on Gambling Websites. There is actually another way. But because the other methods are a bit more complicated, I only chose these three methods which I think are the easiest and safest ways.

A little advice from me, whenever the gambling website I want to access has a positive internet problem, I always use a VPN as a way out, because with VPN it is more practical to use and the absence of risk is also the reason I prefer to use a VPN.

Another suggestion, you can directly contact the customer service of the online poker gambling site where you play by asking for another alternative link.