Tips to Win at Online IDN Poker Tournaments

Tips to Win at Online IDN Poker Tournaments

For those of you who love poker, of course you will know that there are a lot of POKER TOURNAMENTS currently being held. And surely you have heard of one of the most famous poker tournaments held in Las Vegas, namely the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), but because the poker competition is held very far away and maybe some readers think “well, never mind Las Vegas. .. just outside the city may be lazy hehe “.

Now, for those of you who really want to try or feel what it feels like to take part in a poker tournament, you don’t need to be discouraged anymore because now there is such a thing as an online poker tournament on a trusted Indonesian online poker site or agent. How are you interested? Oh yes, now you can find this Indonesian online poker tournament on the IDN POKER platform because currently only they provide poker tournaments every day and they are also very trusted in the online poker field.

Continue, let’s discuss how you can participate in tournaments provided at IDN Poker? So of course, first of all you have to register yourself first with one of the IDN poker agents, then to participate in online poker competitions / tournaments, you don’t have to pay or it’s free, you just need to collect tcoins that you can get when you play any game available. in the idn poker online application. Here I will provide more information about poker tournaments on Idn play or idn poker:

  1. To join, you must have a coin tournament or Tcoins for short.
  2. You will get these tips when you have played one of the games provided in idn play / idn poker, and the nominal you can assess is from the roll.
  3. The nominal (balance) of Tcoins can be seen in the account (ID) whose position is near the original money balance.

The amount of prizes obtained in the idnplay tournament is divided into several categories, namely:

  • Turnamen 2m Freeroll, Tcoins Buy-in

To join it takes 2,000 tcoins, the total prize here is two million rupiah for a total of 27 winners and this category is held every day except on days (Thursday) at seven (7) and ten (10) in the morning and also at one (1). noon WIB, for the registration itself starts 2 hours before the match schedule starts.

  1. Turnamen 5m Freeroll, Tcoins Buy-in

To join it takes 5,000 tcoins, the total prize pool here is five million rupiah for a total of 27 winners and this category is held every day except on Sundays at four (4) pm WIB, the registration itself is still the same, starting 2 hours before the schedule. battle begin.

  • Turnamen 20m Freeroll, Tcoins Buy-in

To join, it takes 20,000 tcoins, the total prize here is twenty million rupiah for a total of 27 winners and this category is held every day except on days (Sundays but only at the end of the month) at four (4) pm WIB, registration is still the same as usual approximately 2 hours before the match starts.

  • Turnamen 100m Freeroll, Tcoins Buy-in

This category is the largest category, to join it takes 100,000 Tcoins, the total prize is up to one hundred (100) million rupiah to also be distributed to 27 winners and this category is only held every Sunday at the end of the month at four (4) pm WIB, for registration can done 3 days before the scheduled match starts.

Now, we continue to an equally important discussion, namely how can we play and of course win the online poker game? In all cases it requires hard work and of course the most important thing is to first understand all the existing strategies.

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You don’t need to worry anymore because here I will try to provide and thoroughly review everything about strategies, tips and tricks so that you become more confident, of course.

Online Poker Strategies, Tips and Tricks

If you want to become a champion of this online poker tournament, then you must first master the strategy of the poker gambling game. The strategy that you need to understand is the bluffing strategy to give pressure to other players that the cards you receive have a combination with a high percentage of wins so that each of the other players will fold / close the cards and you are the winner of the poker game. What is meant by bluffing? Bluffing is an effort you make to increase the number of bets that are placed (raise) with a higher chip value. There are usually two options for poker players to do this technique, namely:

  • Want to Get a Large Number of Wins

In poker games at the casino, of course, to be able to get a big win from this technique is determined by the poker hand (how to hold the card) and also combined with the poker face (the expression of the card received). But a different story with online poker games, you can’t see how the expression of each player or the way they hold the cards, so what can be done is when you are getting a pretty good starting card, you should play patiently without having to raise until the fourth and fifth cards are open, let other players raise first so that your opponent does not suspect that the cards you get have a good card combination so that your chances of getting a large number of wins are wide open.

  • Have a goal to get other players to fold

The second option is usually done by players who are getting a bad card, so they bluff so that each of their opponents thinks the card you are holding has a good card combination so that your opponent will fold and prefer to play safely without following the number of bets. which has been raised. But please note that this method has a high enough risk where you must be ready to accept a large amount of chip losses if another player makes a call (following the bet amount) that you have raised.

The two methods above are the best strategies in the game of poker, if you want to be successful from this game, you should learn that strategy by playing poker in a room with small stakes to practice your skills to be even better.

And finally, I will give tips so that you can benefit from this online poker game is to play patiently or play safely, for example, don’t be embarrassed to fold when you get a bad card. You have to play patiently until you wait for the opportunity to get a good hand, so this is the right moment to take part in a game with a large number of bets. These tips are very useful for those of you who want to maximize every opportunity to get big profits and also to minimize any risk of loss that could occur.

This is all the information I can convey, hopefully what I have to say can provide new insights for readers. Thank you and good luck.