Tipz Play Market OVER UNDER

Trusted Indonesian Online Ball – Hello friends, this time my discussion is about the special ball game for the OVER / UNDER market.
Here I will give a few tips on methods for playing O / U or sometimes known as Over / Under.
The Over Under or O / U market is one of the most popular types of markets in the online ball game method, the tips I provide are perfect for you to try.
Playing on the Over Under market can be categorized as the most profitable market compared to other types of methods such as 1 × 2, HDP (handicap), etc.
It is proven that most bettor professionals prefer this type of market method on single bets and in mix parlay games.
One of the advantages of the Over / Under market method is that the odds value is higher than other market odds, and also how to play agen judi sbobet it is very easy.
The tips are that you just need to guess the total goals of the two teams playing in a match whether it is greater or less than the value determined by the ball market.
Here I will give a few examples of why the O / U market method is more profitable than one of the markets such as 1 × 2.
Comparison between the 1 × 2 market method, the over under market method has greater odds and also there are only 2 Over or Under possibilities so that it allows Tipz to win higher than the 1 × 2 market method which has 3 possibilities, namely the home team, draw or the visitors.
In the over under market method, you just have to guess the total goal whether it is higher or lower than the value determined from the ball market, so that the bettor does not need to choose which team is superior, believe me this is indeed a tip that is easy to understand.
And you need to know that you need to know that to win soccer bets with the over under market method, you can say it’s easy to agen sbobet terbaik.

So what are the tips for how you can win in the over under market method?

The following are methods and tips for playing online ball easily on the over under market

1. Analysis of the average number of goals per match

The first tip, statistical analysis of each game before you start playing soccer betting is obligatory if you want a higher winrate.
This of course applies to the over under market method, you must analyze the average number of goals per match. Why? Because believe or the number of goals for each team is different.
Examples of tips that I gave are, Manchester United which has an average of 2.75 goals / match while Barcelona has a much higher average goal rate of 4 goals / match.
Tipz analyzes the number of goals and aims to help you predict the total goals in a match and so that you can read the values ​​and odds determined by the ball Provider.
Believe it or not? The ball provider also determines the value in the over under market method based on statistical data.
You can find complete data on the analysis of a match online in forums and on well-known soccer websites
to get tipz statistical data for each club for all its matches.

2. Calculate All Possibilities

The second tip, you need to calculate all the possible goals that will be generated in 1 match, to calculate you can use the tips table below as an example of a benchmark.
GOAL 0 1 2 3 4 OR MORE
Rate – Rate 0.8 45% 36% 14% 4% 1%
Rate – Rate 1.2 30% 36% 22% 9% 3%
Rate – Rate 1.6 20% 32% 26% 14% 8%
Rate – Rate 2.0 14% 27% 27% 18% 14%
The table tips above are taken from the book entitled “Taking Chances” written by John Haigh, the table above can help you calculate the probability of 0,1,2,3,4 or more goals in a match based on the average number of goals in one match.
For example: the home team has an average expectation of 1.2 goals and the away team 0.8. For example, if you want to calculate the possibility of under 2.5. The method is very easy, the explanation is below here.
First you have to determine the possible final result for 2.5 goals, namely (0-0, 1-0, 0-1. 1-1, 2-0, 0-2).
Then find the odds for each team using the table above then calculate the possible outcomes by multiplying them. look back at the table below.
RESULTS Odds of home scoring (1.2) Odds of guests scoring (0.8) Possible definite score
0-0 30% 45% (30%) x (45%) = 13.5%
1-0 36% 45% (36%) x (45%) = 16.2%
0-1 30% 36% (30%) x (36%) = 10.8%
1-1 36% 36% (36%) x (36%) = 12.96%
2-0 22% 45% (22%) x (45%) = 9.9%
0-2 30% 14% (30%) x (14%) = 4.2%
UNDER 2.5 GOL 67.56%
After calculating based on the tips in the table above, you will get the final result, which is the possibility of being under for a result of 2.5 which is 67.5%.

3. Determine & Select Odds

After calculating the possible goals that will be created in a match, at the next stage you must determine the appropriate odds value for you to choose and play. To determine odds, you can use the following formula method.
Tips Decimal Odds = 100 / Final Percentage Result That We Calculated Above.
As in the example tips above, we have calculated that the probability of the ball under 2.5 is 67.56%.
We can calculate using the above formula method to be 100 / 67.56 = 1.48.
Which means you can install under 2.5 if the Odds are at least 1.48 or more.
Of course, all of these calculation methods are limited to predictions but have a high degree of accuracy.
That is one of the online soccer gambling tips for the Over Under Market, Hopefully these tips and methods can be useful to help you and your bettor friends to become professional bettors.
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