Want to Win Online Sicbo Gambling? This is the Right Technique

Want to Win Online Sicbo Gambling? This is the Right Technique

If you are a beginner at gambling with agen judi sbobet 338a gambling and get a recommendation to bet on online Sicbo games because of the easy gameplay, there are great techniques so you can win the bet you place. Actually, most of the right techniques that the admin will share are the basis of the Sicbo online gambling game. Because without knowing the basis of the game that will be chosen to bet, the potential to win the online casino gambling game will be small and that applies to the Sicbo online gambling game.

Rules and Types of Online Sicbo Betting

The basic rule in the online Sicbo Casino game is that players guess the number of circles that will come out of each side of the dice after being scrambled by the dealer. The number of dice used in the Sicbo online gambling game is two and there are three. And because the famous online Dice gambling game uses 3 dice, Mimin will discuss this type of Sicbo game. The betting market that a bettor can choose for the online 3 dice Sicbo gambling game is more complete than the 2 dice type Sicbo.

  • Betting Units

This Unit Betting is also known as the Triple bet.
In this Sicbo online betting market, players just have to choose the circle that describes the numbers, starting from numbers 1 to 6.
When the number you chose appears from all sides of the dice that comes out, your bet will win.

  • Group Betting

The next type of Sicbo online gambling game is Group Betting, which is divided into several options as follows.

  • Large Numbers or Small Numbers:

Big Numbers are won when the number of circles that appear from the Dice used for the game ranges from 11 to 17.
While Small Numbers are won when the number of circles that appear from the Dice used for the game ranges from 4 to 10.

  • Odd Number or Even Number:

Odd Numbers = 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17.
Even numbers = 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

  • Angka Double :
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Rules for playing the Double Number Sicbo online gambling market, namely the bettor to bet for the range of numbers 1 – 6.When the
number that was previously selected comes out of 2 Dice, the bet will break or win.
For example the admin chooses number 4 Agen Bola Terpercaya. When 3 Dice comes out of the 4, 2, 4 circles then the Double Number bet is won.

  • Single Dice Numbers

The last option of the Group Betting type in Dice Sicbo online gambling is Single Dice Numbers.
The player chooses from the number circles 1 – 6.
When the preferred number appears from the Dice, the bet goes through or wins.

Of all the available online Sicbo Casino betting markets, especially beginners can play the Group Betting type with options for Big / Small Numbers, Odd / Even Numbers or Single Dice Numbers. The reason is that the three games have a fairly large winning percentage. In Big / Small Number and Odd / Even Number options, the winning percentage is up to 48.6% for each round of play. As for the game, the single dice number is around 18%. Indeed, if we place a bet for the game that admin mentioned, the profit is small, but if we continue to win consistently, the prize will be great.

Online Sicbo Betting Winning Count

  • Unit / Triple Betting

The win in the online Sicbo Betting Unit type gambling market is 1: 150. The
prize is indeed large but the triple win percentage is only 0.46%.

  • Group Betting

A. Big Small: With a percentage of 48.6%, the advantage of this game is 1: 1.
B. Odd Even: Equals Big Small, with a percentage of 48.6% the profit is only 1: 1.
C. Double Numbers: Winning will be multiplied 8, and the winning percentage is only 7.41%.
D. Single Dice Numbers: Winning can be 1: 1, 1: 2, and 1: 3 depending on the appearance of the number.
That’s all the discussion about the right tricks to play Sicbo online gambling. Admin hope this is useful for you, that’s all and thank you.